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Slash and burn time for arts, writing and drama at ABC-Radio National: why audio arts are too valuable to lose

[This piece was published in The Canberra Times, Monday 21st October 2012] Imagine a country in which, no matter where you lived, there was a public space just down the road, easily accessible, well-lit and safe, food available, your favourite … Continue reading

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On wrinkles, grey hair, ‘pertness’, beauty and death: and the privatisation of the body as capital

Just reading a lovely, thoughtful post ‘On being a babe… or not’ by Australia author Susan Johnson (My 100 Lovers, etc) over at her blog, prompted by some comments by Pamela Stephenson on last night’s Q&A. Johnson talks about the … Continue reading

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Bewitched, TV, Women and the 1960s — jokes, magic, dreams & gender politics

Friends came and stayed for a week recently and bought me a TV. This is the first time I’ve had a tv set for over 18 months. I hadn’t really missed it, but now of course I’m addicted again. So, … Continue reading

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