Survival Day, Australia, January 26th

Just a couple of things I want to [re]share today on 26th January: 229 years since Captain Cook raised the British flag on Cadigal land and claimed possession of the whole of the east coast for England…

My favourite Invasion Day t-shirt from Dark and Disturbing Design (great t-shirts – check them out), designed by Vernon Ah Kee and worn with style here by Stevie Goldsmith.

[Australia - drive it like you stole it ]

from Dark And Disturbing Deadly T Shirts — this one designed by Vernon Ah Kee, worn here by Stevie Goldsmith

Dark & Deadly and Vernon Ah Kee are also both on twitter.

And here’s an article by Chelsea Bond  on why ‘Australia Day celebrations to me feel a bit like what ANZAC Day would be without a dawn service’ in The Conversation.

And anther excellent one by Amy McQuire in the Guardian on why she prefers the name ‘Day of Mourning’.

And this brilliant poem by Steven Oliver – do yourself a big favour and have a listen —

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