Vagabondage Christmas pressie offer

Having trouble thinking of an unusual and interesting present for someone you know?


Here’s my gift-giving season offer if anyone is interested…

If you order a copy of Vagabondage as a present for someone within Australia, I can post it straight to them to save you the trouble. And I will sign the book and include a bookmark, plus a Bush Santa photo with a short message of your choice on the back, all for the bookshop price of $24.95.

If you want to order 6 or more copies to give as presents (or for your bookgroup) and if these are all posted to the one address, then you get a 20% discount (ie $20 per copy for six copies or more), and I can also sign them and throw in some bookmarks.

xmas offer bundle pic

Now if you want it to get to your friend (or to you if it’s a pack of 6 or more) before Christmas day, then you’d better get cracking and get your order in and paid before Monday the 8th December. I can still take orders after that, but can’t really guarantee it will make it in time — altho Australia post is usually pretty snappy at this time of the year, so who knows. (I posted some books last week and they only took a couple of days to arrive interstate, but hard to tell, so get in early if you can.)

So send me a message  via the contact form or Facebook – and include all the necessary details (where to post it to, what short message you want on the Santa pic-card, your email, etc), and I’ll send you paypal and direct deposit info. Once you’ve paid, let me know, and I’ll post it out. Or for single copies you can use this paypal button:

(By the way, the postage offer is only for within Australia. If you want to send it to someone overseas it’s easier if I send it to you and you send it on.)

Meanwhile if you want to read what reviewers and so on have been saying about it – check it out here.  But here’s a couple to whet your interest:

I’d like to nominate Beth Spencer’s Vagabondage as my best read for 2014… I love this book for its thought-provoking portrayal of a mid life crisis writ large. It’s beautiful, funny, sad, and speaks to all who aim to age disgracefully.’ — Suzanne Donisthorpe, Books & Arts Daily

‘This is a work that is very specific and personal and yet opens out in universal, fabulously recognisable and immediate ways. A book to read and re-read, and re-inhabit.‘ — Philippa Hawker, Arts and Film writer for The Age

‘Hilarious and poignant.’— Library and Computing News

So much fun to read. Warm, witty and profound.’ — Claudia Taranto, Radio National.











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